- The ability to compete is strengthened; the positive effect on those outside the company and additional publicity help to open up new markets.
- An environmental management system offers savings potentials - by lowering disposal costs and insurance premiums.
- The risk of being made liable for damages is minimised, there is more security with regard to the law and before the courts. Duties of mandatory documentation are fulfilled and liability risks excluded.
- Work sequences are improved: companies who have developed a management system can make use of the resulting structures for the area of occupational safety and health. Performance of joint certification leads to cost savings and increases the efficiency of the systems interacting with one another.
Standard ISO 14001 focuses on company-specific structures and certification of environmental management systems. As it contains the requirements which apply to company environmental management systems, it makes a vital contribution to long-term and ongoing development of companies and organisations.
• Environment policy
• Planning
• Implementation and execution
• Monitoring, control and corrective actions
• Assessment by top management