Step1 [Inquiry, Application&Contract]

-Inquiry, Questionnaire & Quotation
-Application Review & Certification Service Contract including SMR Terms and Conditions

Step2 [Audit planning]
- General discussion for Certification audit including audit dates and accommodations
- Organizing audit team ,audit plan and notice team to applicant
Step3 [Pre-audit(optional)]
- Pre-check audit before certification audit
Step4 [Stage1 Audit]
- Check applicant뭩 arrangement for Certification audit
- General discussion for stage 2 audit and check justification for Stage 2 audit
- Communicating concerns that could be nonconformities during stage2 audit
Step5 [Stage2 Audit]
- Conducting stage 2 audit on implementation and conformity of Management System
- Reporting nonconformities to applicant and recommendation for certification
Step6 [Corrective action and Verification]
- Implementation of corrective actions by applicant and verification on the actions taken
Step7 [Certification Decision]
- Certification decision by Certification Committee
Step8 [Issue of Certificate]
- Issue of 3 years valid certificate 3years and award ceremony (optional)
Step9 [Surveillance audit]
- Routine surveillance audit according to audit frequency
Step10 [Re-certification audit]
- Whole audit per 3years for re-certification before expiry of certification
[Certification Modification of certified scope including extending, reducing]
If a certified client intends to extend or reduce its certified scope, SMR applies its criteria of Certification Modification. Details here